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FX Networks Hit's At Comic Con




To cut through the clutter of the saturated market at Comic-Con and promote 3 hit original FX programs ("Wilfred", "Always Sunny in Philadelphia", and "Archer") to their ideal target demographic.


InCharge provided 30 innovatively branded pedicabs that were available to any Comic Con attendees who engaged with any of the 30 on-site characters from FX’s hit shows and shared their experience via their preferred social media channel. In addition to offering interaction with the attendee’s favorite FX characters on the pedicabs, InCharge organized and facilitated "The 90 Wilfred March" that featured 90 actors in full Wilfred costume, from the corresponding FX show, marching up and down 5th Avenue in San Diego during the convention.



FX’s three shows saw a social media expansion of over 300% with nearly 11 million impressions on Facebook alone. Thousands of pictures were taken with the characters while approximately 2,500 free rides were given by the FX pedicabs.