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Brugal "Extra Dry" Rum Dries Out At Tales Of The Cocktail




Introduce Brugal Extra Dry, a brand of rum with over a century of rich Dominican history, to a whole new class of drinkers at Tales of the Cocktail, an already overpopulated and saturated expo.


InCharge designed and created the fully branded “Dry Bus,” a mobile party headquarters where complimentary Brugal mixed drinks, appropraitely named “Dehumidifiers,” were served by trained brand ambassadors. The rum is a more savory and sophisticated alternative to sugary low-end offerings, appealing to and activating a more sophisticated demographic. Between drinks on the bus, riders were ferried safely between the festivals main bars while learning about Brugal Rum's heritage and unique flavor profile.



The Dry Bus was a constant presence for thousands of attendees resulting in the foundation of new brand/consumer relationships that had previously been unavailable. According to a Zehnder Media independent survey, “Rum was the number-one most talked about spirit at TOTC 2012. And Brugal was the number-one most talked about Rum.”