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AMC Infects With "The Walking Dead" Zombie Experience Tour




For AMC to garner additional nationwide excitement for the already highly anticipated Season 2 premiere of "The Walking Dead".


InCharge created and managed a roving "The Walking Dead" food truck on a two-week, five-state, 10-event promotional tour. At carefully selected activation sites, the truck was parked and flanked by large LCD screens showing promotional content and live Zombie actors scaring up fun in people while ambassadors in the truck distributed “Zombie Finger” cupcakes. Uniquley designed and branded merchandise was distributed, including hundreds of stress-ball “brains,” fake zombie-bite tattoos, and AMC branded wristbands. People could also use the free "Walking Dead" photo-booth that created memorable and funny photos with live zombie actors. The promotional content from the Walking Dead also was customized to showcase branding of AMC’s appropriate distributor partner in each market. InCharge also created an innovative mobile program called “Text in for Tune in” which allowed on site fans to opt-in to receive a text reminder 3 hours prior to the show’s premiere which was highly utilized and appreciated.



The Interactive Zombie Experience was a huge hit. People lined up for blocks to participate at locations that included the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica, CA and Madison Square Park in NYC. This resulted in tens of thousands of cupcakes being given away, countless pictures taken and shared, and incalculable positive interactions with passersby's. Tens of thousands of branded merchandise items were given away and an estimated one out of every 5 people participated in the “Text in for Tune in” mobile program. Social media saw a combined 2.8 million Facebook and Twitter impressions over the 2 week activation. The Walking Dead Season 2 premiere aired as the number-one most-watched cable drama premiere of all time within it's demo.