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BING Surges With "ReCharge Lounge" At SXSWi




Use RFID to create an integrated tech element to supplement the BING ReCharge Lounge at SXSW Interactive. Increase press coverage of the BING ReCharge Lounge. Provide overt branded presence through Austin, TX. Expand the “Bing It On” Challenge experience to spill out into all parts of SXSWi. Distribute valuable and unique branded items.


InCharge offered free rides in Bing wrapped SUVs to dominate the transportation landscape in Austin. The SUVs ferried attendees to and from the Bing ReCharge Lounge where riders were spoiled and engaged with activities for extended periods of time. While in the SUVs, and at the Lounge, the “Bing It On” Challenge was readily available via mobile WiFi to demonstrate the aesthetic sovereignty of BING over the “other” search engine. InCharge also differentiated between VIP and general attendees to provide more thorough concierge services to those who required it.



The Bing SUVs provided over 600 rides over just three days, and Bing was repeatedly cited as the brand with the most presence during SXSWi. The RFID check-in system within the lounge and vehicles ensured non-stop social media posting through out the entire festival. VIP concierge services resulted in happier high-level attendees who left with an improved impression of Bing.