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USA Network's "Colony" Invades Comic Con




Use non-traditional branding and out of home advertising tactics to create lasting and reoccurring awareness among soccer fans in US of NBC Sports’ procurement of rights to air Barclays English Premiere League soccer.


InCharge utilized their proprietary nationwide "Soccer Bar Network" (SBN) to create branded fanfare over 3 consecutive weekends to finish the EPL season. NBC Sports fully branded the interior of 110 of the nation’s most popular English soccer bars in New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Dallas, and Houston. InCharge activated all bars simultaneously and facilitated branded premium giveaways to create the ultimate viewing experience for patrons and fans.



Tens of thousands of NBC/EPL soccer jerseys, scarves, and pint glasses were distributed. Attendees ten took those branded items home, which would serve as a trophy and ultimately a remeinder to watch their favorite sports teams on NBC Sports. The events were lively fun for attendees in all 110 bars, and the giveaways generated 13,000 posts on Twitter and 11,000 posts on Facebook, bolstering the NBC/EPL partnership in the social media sphere. The season premiered way above projections based on their competition, and viewership has remained consistent over multiple seasons.